Buffered Cocopeat Blocks

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Buffered Cocopeat Blocks

Cocopeat has been the most popularly used perfect growing medium in the world. But there are numerous processes involved in developing a perfect Cocopeat / Coir pith for the different sectors.

Cocopeat (without Buffering) comes with no inherent nutritional value and many of the coco coir particles are filled with Potassium (K) and Sodium (Na) which both have a single charge. Double positive elements such as Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg) have a stronger affinity to these sites, and will replace potassium and sodium.

This can cause a Nutrient imbalance in some crops when the calcium and magnesium intended for the plant use is instead captured by the inert medium and in turn releases the displaced potassium and sodium. In this situation, there is a possibility of deficiency in calcium and magnesium for the plants.

By Buffering the Cocopeat, before processing it into cultivation products; it was found that the deficiency problem has been solved and led to an improvement in the supply of Calcium and Magnesium to the plant.

Buffered Cocopeat is a time-consuming process and need to be done in a controlled and well-monitored manner. Firstly, Buffering Cocopeat starts with proper rinsing and flushing of the Cocopeat with clean water and this process removes the water soluble particles. Once this process is completed, let the water drain out for a period of time. Secondly, perfect solution of Calcium Nitrate and Magnesium Sulphate is prepared and rinsed/applied to the Coco coir for a period of time and carefully monitored. This process removes the residual Sodium and Potassium complex in the Coco coir. Finally, after the resting period is over, once again wash or rinse off the Coco coir with clean water.

Major Applications of Buffered Cocopeat:

  • Used in propagating the starting of seeds and plugs
  • Used for transplanting for tissue cultured plants