Seedling and Plant Nurseries

Seedling and Plant Nurseries

A Seedling is a young plant grown from a seed in Nursery. Seedling development starts with the germination of the seed. When a seed grows, a small root begins to grow downward and a shoot grows upward. When the shoot hits the surface, the plant is called a sprout. The sprout uses water and nutrients from the growing medium along with sunlight and air to grow and change into a seedling.

Nursery is a place where plants are propagated and grown to a desired age. It is important to grow the Seedlings with a healthier root system in a growing medium as it gives a significant head start for the season. Seedling as compared to seeds, maturity rate will be shorter and will result in an earlier harvest. Risk of losing the plants is much lower when compared to seeds.

Our Company Cocopeat products provide best conditions for the rooting of the young plants. We have worked with some of the Pioneers of the Seedling and Propagation System development companies. After lots of research, we came up with a custom-tailored Cocopeat product which results in higher germination rates when seedlings are grown.

Advantages of using Cocopeat for Seedlings

  • Ability to re-wet
  • Strong and Fibrous root
  • Faster rooting time
  • No Transport Shock
  • Higher Air circulation

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