100% Bio-Degradable Coir Based products for naturally sustainable future.

Cocogreen Substrates is a leading manufacturer and exporter of high quality Coir pith or Coco peat products from India. We have 25 years of experience in supplying to the Horticulture/Floriculture and Farming/Landscaping applications globally. We are one of the Pioneers of the Coir pith / Coco peat industry with wide presence in USA, Europe, Japan, South Africa, Chile, Korea and Mexico.

Our company ‘Ravi Bala Exports’ is 100% family-owned business and has come a long way since inception in 1994 through our commitment to excellence and innovation. From 1994 to 2014, we have been exporting with the label of ‘Ravi Bala Exports’ which is a sister concern of Cocogreen Substrates. From the year 2014, we restructured to operate under Cocogreen Substrates with the diversification to meet varied requirements.

Main factory is situated in Sivagangai, a municipal area famous for its elegant beauty and greenly coconut trees. It is in the south of Tamil Nadu, India. We are 45 Kms away from Madurai Airport.

Our team have achieved a broad perspective and in-depth technical knowledge in quality management and manufacturing. Enhancement of technology and human capital makes sure that we stay ahead. Our in-house quality control and well-managed export department assures the buyers prompt delivery with competitive prices. We are focused to meet the challenges of globalization by improving quality achieving cost reduction and enhancing efficiency.

Our core strength lies in understanding the customer needs and providing them the solution for their Coir requirements. We manufacture 100 % organic Coconut Coir products from our own manufacturing facility located in India. Being the manufacturer helps us to offer our customers competitive price all through the year.

We love to deliver customized products