Coir Mulch Mats

Coir Mulch mat or Coco Mulch mat is also called Coir Weed Controller mat or Tree mat. It is completely made of Coir Fibre. The Coir Fibre is treated with rubber and compressed into mats and comes in desired sizes according to the requirements of the customer.

Coir mulch mats are used in garden beds when the soil warms up in the spring. Garden beds are mulched with coir two to three inch thickness. It reduces the need for watering as much as 45 to 50 percentages, an important concern in drought-prone areas of the country.

Coir Mulch mats is aesthetically pleasing with its rich Natural brown colour which doesn’t fade.

Advantages of Coir Mulch mats

  • 100% Environment friendly and Bio-degradable
  • It holds water and drains well
  • It helps moderate moisture levels in the garden
  • It helps moderate soil temperature
  • It lasts much longer when compared to other mulch materials
  • It prevents weed growth by blocking sunlight
  • It also deters slugs and snails
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