Industrial Oil Absorbents

Cocopeat as an Oil Absorbent can be used for both hazardous and non-hazardous spillage cleaning. It is bio-degradable and free from harmful dusts. More importantly, the absorbed material can be coir composted and consumes less time for cleaning. Cocopeat (CocoGreen Substrates Coir) is a natural and renewable resource that is safe to use and effective in absorbing all fluids in varying viscosities. It can be used in all spillages.

Advantages of using Cocopeat for Industrial Oil Absorbents

  • (CocoGreen Substrates Coir’s) superior and rapid absorption of fluids will turn any hazardous spill into a solid and more manageable substance immediately upon contact.
  • Retains physical properties longer
  • Easy to handle
  • Saves Time and Money when compared to other Industrial Absorbents

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